The Stars in The Sea

An Introduction.


"While fully developed mysticism seems to me mistaken, I yet believe that, by sufficient restraint, there is an element of wisdom to be learned from the mystical way of feeling, which does not seem to be attainable in any other manner. If this is the truth, mysticism is to be commended as an attitude towards life, not as a creed about the world. The meta-physical creed, I shall maintain, is a mistaken outcome of the emotion, although this emotion, as colouring and informing all other thoughts and feelings, is the inspirer for whatever is best in Man. Even the cautious and patient investigation of truth by science, which seems the very antithesis of the mystic’s swift certainty, may be fostered and nourished by that very spirit of reverence in which mysticism lives and moves.”

~From “Mysticism and Logic” by Bertrand Russell.


An Excerpt from "A Guidebook to The Stars in The Sea"


..."Here, in the play of these cards, is the “tekhnologia” to sensitize to that state of consciousness. They weave and weld concepts that trace the fringes of true understanding; archetypes of the real with measures and tools rendered in their primal forms to hint at beginnings whose progression flows through realizations that awaken and excite. Each is a perspective for exploring, none complete in itself but in relation reveals a greater story. They draw upon randomness within constraints, like water shaped to a lens, to look closer and deeper. They play a game of mystery and imagination with echoes of the conceit of divination to draw in the seeking mind. A playful seduction, because the reasoning intellect needs to be loosened a bit from its rationality, like a kiss with hints of wine and dreams that help us take reckless steps off the beaten path and wander thinking we are lost, but at long last, realizing we are free"...


The 2nd Plate Which Charts The Transilient.


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